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Damn you Indiana Jones!!!: Coins from the time of Archimedes


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*Spoiler Alert! I've just finished the latest addition to the Indiana Jones franchise, and it was Gooood! 

In it we get to enjoy Indiana kicking Natzi ass during the Roman seige on Syracuse during the second Punic war!


And the murder, by mindless Roman soldiers of Archemides:


Famous last words, "Do not disturb my circles" or "Please! Take me but leave my monkey alone!!!

This incredible map gives us the outline, time v space, during the first two(the third was a real bust) Punic wars:


As to the movie; it takes us right to the crux of the story, the murder of Archemides on Syracuse.


Aaaand Yes, there are some cringe points throughout. But I'm not gonna point them out here...cause we get Natzis during the second seige of Syracuse!?!?!

Was I high or was Indy crash landing into the pivotal takeover by Rome of Syracuse, turning the tide against Carthaginian forces? Or, more than likely, both?!


Hieron II, 275-215 B.C. SICILY. Syracuse. AE Litra, 263-218 B.C. NGC Ch VF. HGC-2, 1550. Obverse: Head of Poseidon left, wearing tainia; Reverse: Ornamented trident head; downward dolphin to left and right, I to lower left, AΠ to lower right. Well centered and struck, this example features yellow-brown surfaces and some scattered spots of green. From the Poseidon Collection. Purchased from Stack’s Bowers Gallery Aug 2021



Sicily, Syracuse Roman Occupation, Bronze, After 212 BC, AE (g 7,04 mm 2o), Head of Zeus r., dotted border, Rv. ΣYPAKOΣIΩN, Isis standing l., holding istrum and sceptre. Dotted border. CNS II, n. 240 SNG Copenhagen 904 SNG ANS 1065. 


ROMAN REPUBLIC. Anonymous. AE Aes Grave Triens (92.37 gms), Rome Mint, ca. 225-217 B.C. VERY FINE. Cr-35/3a; TV-53. Obverse: Helmeted head of Minerva left; four pellets (mark of value) below; all set upon raised disk; Reverse: Prow right; four pellets (mark of value) below; all set upon raised disk. A pleasing specimen despite its crudeness, with charming green surfaces. A test cut across Minerva's face is noted for completeness. Ex Stacks & Bowers 


ROMAN REPUBLIC. Anonymous. Circa 215-212 BC. Æ Aes Grave As, 38mm, 70.7g, 12h; Post-semilibral series, Rome mint. Obv.: Bearded head of Janus on raised disk. Rev.: Prow left; I above. Ref.: Crawford 41/5a; Sydenham 101. Purchased from @John Anthony Jan 2022, E- Eberhard Link Collection. Ex-Münz Zentrum 88, Cologne 1997, lot 353. Peus Nachfl. 322, Frankfurt am Main 1988, lot 42. Kurpfälzische Münzhandlung 19, Mannheim 1980, lot 99. Ex-Giessener Münzhandlung 15, Munich 1979, lot 105

Let's see those Syracusian, Carthaginian or Roman coins of Archemides time

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Syracuse Fifth Republic Ar 12 Litrai 214-212 BC Obv Head of Athena left wearing Corinthian style helmet, Rv Artemis standing left drawing bow hound at her feet. HGC 1412  9.93 grms 24 mm Photo by W. Hansen


The obverse is very reminiscent of the Corinthian style staters struck by the Syracusans earlier in its history. Artemis is new however she is seen in the act of firing her bow no doubt a metaphor for that cities struggle with Rome.   

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