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I bought a bunch of ugly coins


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7 hours ago, ambr0zie said:

Is it Herennius Etruscus with obv legend IMP C Q HER ETR MES DECIO AVG ? for some reason I struggled way more than I usually do because what I see before "HER" looked like a S and this made no sense. 

You got it!


Herennius Etruscus' issue as Augustus is easily one of the rarest of all non-usurpers, reigning for only a few weeks to a month before his untimely death in battle with the Goths. As luck would have it, I did finally spring for the coin on the right earlier this year, figuring that I'd probably never get the opportunity to get one for "cheap".

And these coins certainly never go cheap!




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Three smaller ones are a Miletos diobol, maybe a Parion hemidrachm, and possibly a really beat up Achaemenid siglos. I'm pretty sure it's not a Nero denarius but a really beat up Domitian. The coin to the left of the Etruscus is a fourree Celtic copy of an Alexander drachm.

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