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Old projectiles Not ancient but are antique

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I haven't had much to post and these were looking at me today. I thought, what the heck, post em.

The big one on the left, I believe is a 3 inch / 3 pound cannon ball. I know nothing else about it except I did weigh it and measure the diameter and that was easy to remember since it was exact.

The second largest and maybe the third, I think, is called "grapeshot" also shot from cannons in large numbers fired at once.

The last two, I believe are musket balls from flintlock rifles or long guns or the smallest, perhaps a pistol.

I don't know why the black ones are black, painted maybe? The white one was dug, which I got in a bag of very old antique marbles years ago.

Hope this is OK to post. I felt left out for some time now.

Please feel free to post anything about these or your own bullets or balls.


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13 minutes ago, thenickelguy said:

You have some that flattened out after hitting something, miniballs (shaped like bullets) I suppose?

I know little about this stuff.

..yup...in the package is a complete buck and ball that hadn't hit anything...i used think they were neat, but now i find them kind of morbid...

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I have some musketballs from the English Civil War.

Lead. 20.92g and 9.94g (with impact indentations). Reputedly from the site of the Battle of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, July 1643. The two sides lined up against each another, with musketeers in the centre. The musketeers were three rows deep, the first kneeling, the second crouching and the third standing, so one could reload while the other fired. Pike men with pikes up to 18 feet long protected the musketeers. The cavalry attacked the opponents' cavalry before turning to their infantry, if they could get past the pike men.

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