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Show me your Tetricus


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Hi all,
Some while ago, I bought this coin from Tetricus I (271-274) because of the decent portrait and low prize (15,- Euro) (16 mm, 2.7 g)
I have some difficulties attributing the coin, but maybe it's a 'barbaric' one, not from the official mints?
The obverse reads (I think) IMP C TETRICVS, corresponding with nr. 5 in this ERIC-overview.

And, while we're at it, show me your Tetricus!


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Tetricus I (271 - 274 A.D.)

Æ Antoninianus
O: IMP C TETRICVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right.
R: VICTORIA AVG, Victory walking left, wreath in right, palm frond in left.
Colonia Agrippinensis (Cologne, Germany) mint, 271 A.D.
RIC V, part II, 139

Ex. Heritage Auction, May 8, 2014, Lot 61194 (part of).

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I think your coin is https://numismatics.org/ocre/id/ric.5.tet_i.130

Correct, I also see the obverse legend starting with IMP C TETRICVS but I think it is longer and off the flan. And the reverse should be Spes raising skirt and holding flower.

I am not a specialist in these, but I would say the coin is official. 

I strongly suspect my Tetricus I is barbarous 


13,9 mm, 1,38 g.
Barbarous imitation of Tetricus I 271-274 AD. Ӕ antoninianus.
IMP C TETRICVS P F AVG or IMP C TETRICVS P F AV, bust of Tetricus I, radiate, draped, cuirassed, right / SALVS AVG, Salus, draped, standing left, feeding snake rising from altar with right hand and holding sceptre or anchor in left hand.
Cf RIC V Tetricus I 121.

And I also have a Tetricus II as Caesar, this time official. 


19 mm, 2,19 g.
Tetricus II, as Caesar. 273-274. Æ antoninianus. Treveri.
C PIV ESV TETRICVS CAES, bust of Tetricus II, radiate, draped, right / PIETAS AVGVSTOR, pontifical implements.
RIC V Tetricus I 258.

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11 minutes ago, ambr0zie said:

Nice work, @Ocatarinetabellatchitchix. I was quite positive it's a Spes coin but I think your attribution is correct. 

The challenge is that the E looks like a 8… (same on my coin) but we can clearly see the wing of Victoria and also the palm. I know this reverse pretty well, very common for Tet I but if you see a Victorinus with it, please jump on it !

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I have a lot of the Tetricuses. They are rarely nice but can be interesting.

Here's Tetricus II

Tetricus II Antoninianus, 273-274
Cologne or Trier. Bronze, 2.56g. Radiate, draped Bust A right; C PIV ESV TETRICVS CAES. Spes walking left, holding flower and raising skirt; SPES AVGG (RIC V.2, 270). From the Beachy Head Hoard 1973, 5,540 third century antoniniani in a bronze bucket, a few yards from finds in 1961 and 1964.

Tetricus II Barbarous Radiate, 273-280
Imitating Cologne. Bronze, 16mm, 2.41g. Radiate beardless? bust right, very crude letters. Equitas standing, holding scales and cornucopia; AEQ[UITAS AVG]. Found in Britain.

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Tetricus I barbarous

Tetricus I Barbarous Radiate, 274-280
Imitating Colonia Agrippinensis. Bronze, 13mm, 0.86g. Radiate head left; (IMP TET)RICVS (P F AVG). Salus standing facing, head left; SA(LVS AVGG) (cf RIC V2, 127). From the Whitchurch (Somerset) Hoard.

Tetricus I Barbarous Radiate, 274-280
Imitating Colonia Agrippinensis. Bronze, 10mm, 0.32g. Radiate head left; (IMP TETRICVS P) F AVG. Laetitia standing, holding rudder and cornucopea; (LAETITIA) AVG (cf RIC V2, 86). Found in Britain.

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Tetricus I

Tetricus I Antoninianus, 271-274
Cologne/Southern Gallic Mint. Billon, 17mm, 2.16g. Bust of Tetricus I, radiate, draped, cuirassed, right; IMP C TETRICVS P F AVG. Victory, winged, draped, walking left, holding wreath in right hand and palm in left hand; VICTORIA AVG (RIC V, 141). From the Mossy Bottom Barn (West Sussex) Hoard 1999.

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This coin has a story to tell, i have identified 3 different Reverses on the coin which i assume could only have come from re cutting the die.

It is currently a Tetricus  SALVS AVGG Reverse, Snake, Altar, Patera, Anchor.

There is also ghosting of the L arm holding a spear ( SALVS variety ) & the R arm of SPES holding Flowers ( plus other bits i don't fully understand )

All of this combined with a CLAVDIVS II Obverse which may have started life as an Official die.


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Even if (understandably) Gordian III is my favorite, I gotta say Tetricus is in the top of collectible emperors: Here's all my examples.








 And as a special extra... A bunch of Tetricus Gallic Radiates. (Palm of my hand for size reference)


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On 8/22/2023 at 1:28 PM, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

Your coin is Mairat 792 (if it’s the doted obverse legend) or 793 (no dots). With the COMES AVG reverse. Also Cunetio 2602, RIC 56, Elmer 774. It’s from Trier Issue 4.


Fantastic beard on that Tetricus of yours, less pointy than usual. Almost resembles Postumus.

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Here are my favorite 2 Tetricus (ai?) Father and Son


Tetricus I
270-273 AD
AE Antoninianus
Obverse: IMP C TETRICVS P F AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right
Reverse: VICTORIA AVG, Victory walking left, holding wreath & palm.



Tetricus II
Bi. antoninianus. Hybrid with reverse of Tetricus I.|
Obverse: C PIV ESV TETRICVS CAES, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: COMES AVG, Victory standing left, holding wreath and palm



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Here are a couple of mine

Obverse: IMP C TETRICVS•P•FAVG, Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right

Reverse: SPES PVBLICA, Spes holding flower and lifting skirt



This one gives Tetricus' full name.

Obverse: IMP C G P ESVVIVS TETRICVS AVG, Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right

Reverse: VICTORIA AVG, Victory advancing left holding wreath



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Here is a Tetricus (or Victorinus?) minimus from my collection. It is the smallest minimus I have ever come across with a diameter of just 0.9 cm. 


I always thought that these imitations of coins of the Gallic empire were produced by inofficial Roman mints. However, I recently discovered that I was wrong about that. In the book "Vandalen, Burgunden & Co - Germanen in der Lausitz", which is a catalog of the Museum der Westlausitz they show the hoard of Echzell, Wetteraukreis (p. 35) from the Germanic settlement of "Heinrichswiese". The hoard included 6 Tetricus imitations, one bronze bar and three blanks, which prove that the coins were struck locally. 

Echzell is located just north of Frankfurt a.M., but at the time of the striking of these coins the limes was obsolete, and the border to the Roman Empire was hundreds of kilometers away. I really don't know why Germanic people made these coins. 

This coins looks stylistically similar to the coins from Echzell:


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