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Yet another Sicilian bronze coin.


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Nice coin. I like worn coin with smooth surfaces.

Here is a smaller one from the same time period:


Dionysios I
Sicily, Syracuse
405 - 367 BC
AE Hemilitron
Obv.: Head of Athena wearing corinthian helmet, ΣYPA to left
Rev.: Hippocamp left, with curled wing
AE, 6.67g, 18.8mm
Ref.: SNG ANS 434-446

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I have always been a big fan of the bronze coins from Syracuse

Syracuse Ae drachm 405-367 BC Time of Dionysos I Obv Head of Athena left wearing Corinthian style helmet Rv sea star flanked by two dolphins HGC 1436 27.48 grms 28 mm Photo by W. Hansensyracuseae10.jpg.85115af55da83eacdbb0d78462e7adef.jpg

This coin is one of the earlier attempts to solve the problem of smaller denominations of coinage. 

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Apparently the hemilitron posted by @shanxi and @ominus1 is very popular 

Here is my low budget version 


Another budget version bronze coin from Syracuse 


24.5 mm, 13.62 g. Sicily, Syracuse. Timoleon and the Third Democracy. Æ Hemidrachm Timoleontic Symmachy coinage. 1st series, circa 344-339/8 BC.
Laureate head of Zeus Eleutherios right / Upright thunderbolt; to right, eagle standing right.
Castrizio Series I, 1γ; CNS 72; HGC 2, 1440.


And a different city:


Sicily, Katane, 216/5-206 BC. Æ. 17.69 mm, 3.46 g
Jugate busts of Serapis and Isis; grain-ear behind / KATANAION, Apollo standing slightly l., leaning on column, holding laurel branch and bow; quiver and omphalos at feet.
CNS III, 22; SNG ANS -; HGC 2, 609.

A Panormos, this time silver 


Italy, Sicily, Panormos (as Ziz). AR Litra. 415/405 BC. 11,1 mm, 0,49 g.
Head of the youthful river god Orethos / Man-headed bull swimming right (river god Acheloos), above, Punic letters.
SNG ANS 549-550

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Here's another. For those who may never have handled these huge coins before, they would be absolutely lethal as a sling bullet!

Syracuse, Reign of Dionysius I

405-367 BC (struck circa 380 BC)
Æ Drachm (32mm, 30.12g)
O: Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet decorated with olive wreath; ΣYPA before.
R: Sea-star between two dolphins.
CNS II, 62-9; HGC 2, 1436; SNG ANS 455-469; Sear 1189 (Timoleon)


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@rNumis There are plenty of Liparas freshly made each day at the moment! I lack courage to buy one.


Here's a heavy bronze but nothing like some of the  true  heavyweights shown. Also an  overstrike on the large prancing horse  type.

SICILY, Herbessos. Circa 344-336 BC. Æ Litra (18.48 gm). Head of Sicily right, wearing wreath of olive leaves / Forepart of a man-headed bull right. Calciati III pg. 254, 5 OS/14 (this coin); Virzi 1019. VF, green patina, slightly rough surfaces. Overstruck on a Syracusan Æ Drachm, Zeus Eleutherios/Horse prancing left (Calciati II pg. 188, 80)





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This one isn't beautiful or rare, but it was the first ancient I ever bought back in 1988. Hell I'm not even exactly sure of the attribution. It was just going to be this one coin as a curiosity, but it ended up changing my life (or at least my bank account!).

Alaisa, Sicily

circa 340 BC
AE22 (22mm, 9.06g)
O: Griffin springing left.
R: Horse prancing left; [KAINON] in ex.(?)
HGC 2, 509 (as Kainon); SNG ANS 1169; Hunter 165,1; Sear 1048; BMC 2 29,6

~ Peter 


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