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Constantius II type set website


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Constantius II is fun to collect and I recently started a thread on his coins:

Many different types were posted. You might wonder what types are out there, so I created a website with all the AE types of Constantius II. It has several pages:
1)  a list of all the types, in tables (you could copy them as a checklist)
       (Note: everything is linked to everything else, so I'd begin with this page)
2)  a page with one of each type illustrated
3)  supplemental pages with additional images for 
     a) FEL TEMP REPARATIO types
     b)  types issued by Vetranio
     c)  other types

One of my favorite coins of Constantius II is next:
Issued by Vetranio, 350. 23 mm.
Emperor standing holding standard with chi-rhoto r. is Victory, crowning him with wreath and holding palm branch

This type is desirable because it is the first type with a Christian legend. HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS means "In this sign, you will be victorious" which God told Constantine in his famous vision before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, Oct. 28, 312.  

Check out the type-set pages:  http://        http://augustuscoins.com/ed/ConstantiusII/ConstantiusII.html

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