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New style owl identification - help needed


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Ugly but interesting, at least for me.

This crude new style owl is "in the pipeline".  I've gone through Thompson's catalog and just cannot find a match for either the magistrates or the symbols.  The crude style seems quite late, definitely not early period and very probably not middle period.  Could this coin be from the post Sulla period, or even an imitation?

Here are the letters for the magistrates on the reverse, from what I can discern: ΑΜΙΕΠΚΡΑΣΤPATHΣTIPI?Τ.  I have no idea if these letters make any sense, or where the breaks should be for the names.  The symbols appear to be a recumbent horse, head facing left, and a blob to its left that I cannot identify.  There's a H on the amphora and a I (?) Π (?) below it.

As mentioned the coin is very crude, with porous metal, surface marks, die rust and die breaks on the reverse - certainly not a candidate for any beauty contest!  The die work is also very crude, even for a  later new style owl.  All of this, along with the seemingly garbled letters leads me to think this is an imitation, but what period?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

28 mm; 16.28 grams.

Athens Greece Athena Owl Tetradrachm Coin (100 BC, New Style) - VF (Very Fine) - Picture 2 of 3

Athens Greece Athena Owl Tetradrachm Coin (100 BC, New Style) - VF (Very Fine) - Picture 1 of 3


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Thank you! 

I think this is the same coin.  I'll check.

Yep, the coin is spot-on.  Roma describes Thompson 851a as very rare.  Perhaps.  The reverse certainly shows pretty advanced die failure, so I don't know how many were produced with a die in such as state.

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It looks as if they used the dies to death.  Amphikrates and Epistratos symbol: Ear of Grain.   15 known obverses. The NewStyles at that time were completely lacking in artistic merit and the minting careless. date c 101/0.  Towards the end of the Thompson Middle period.

No it's not an imitation, they are really that bad! Thompson in NSSCA had trouble reading examples too!  I don't think rarity in ac search means a great lot

104/3 Dionysus & Demeter ANDREAS - CHARINAUTES 


102/1 Dionysus Mask & Thyrsus TIMOSTRATOS - POSES   N 


100/9 Tyche Staff & Cornucopia DOSITHEOS - CHARIAS   N**

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Thank you, NewStyleKing, for the information.  This coin, by far is the crudest example in the collection.  

I've not seen anything terribly interesting posted on the auction circuit lately, but my focus is limited mostly to CNG and Roma.

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