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CILICIA. Seleucia ad Calycadnum. Severus Alexander


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A new Emperor, reverse figure and new mint for my collection, all on one coin. I love the way the legends are so long they needed to start an inner inscription.

CILICIA. Seleucia ad Calycadnum. Severus Alexander (222-235). Ae.
Obv: ΑV Κ Μ ΑVΡ СЄΟVΗΡ ΑΛЄΞΑ, with remaining part of legend ΝΔΡΟС right field inside legend.
Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: СЄΛЄVΚЄΩΝ ΚΑΛVΚΑΔΝ, with remaining Ω of legend in upper right field.
Tyche, holding branch, seated left on rocks between two columns; river god Calycadnum to lower left.
RPC VI online 7034.
Condition: Near very fine with striking green patina.
Weight: 13.99 g.
Diameter: 29 mm.
This coin (AC Search) sold by Numismatik Naumann (formerly Gitbud & Naumann). Auction 79, Lot# 439, 07/07/2019



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Cool!! What an interesting bust type! I have one of Severus Alexander from this city but it's not as interesting.

Severus Alexander 222-235 CE.
Roman provincial Æ 24 mm, 9.19 g.
Cilicia, Seleukeia ad Kalykadnon.
Obv: AV K M AVP CEOVH AΛEΞANΔPOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: CEΛEVKEΩN KAΛVΚA-ΔNΩ, confronted, draped, and laureate busts of Apollo and Artemis, c/m: o within Δ within triangular incuse.
Ref: Ziegler 474-476; SNG France 2 1009; SNG Levante 761; SNG Levante Suppl. 195; SNG Pfalz 1056-61; Waddington 4468; Lindgren III 898; RPC Online VI 7043. Countermark: Howgego 670.

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35 minutes ago, sunir caM said:

Great addition 👍 

Here is mine from the same city.


Obverse - Laureate, cuirassed bust of Macrinus right

Reverse - Infant Zeus seated, surrounded by 3 Korybantes/Curetes clashing Swords on Shields to drown out the infants crying

Lots of activity on that reverse, I like it!

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Nice coins. Here is a Gallienus:


Asia Minor, Kilikia, Seleucia ad Calycadnum
Obv.: AVK ΠΛK ΓAΛΛIHN/OC, Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right
Rev.: CEΛEVKEΩN TΩN T POC K /ΔΝ/Ω, Athena advancing right, thrusting spear at serpent-legged giant (not visible on the coin) throwing stones
AE, 10.42g, 29.4mm
Ref.: SNG Levante 789 var. (legend)


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