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Apameia ad Maeandrum, drachm


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Can anyone suggest some online reading references for this. It is a first of its type for me and I love coins with pileii and stars

( alluding to Dioscuri). I would like to learn a little more of this type.

Bust of Athena right in crested helmet
Text (Magistrate) above and beneath eagle alighting right on maeander pattern between two pilei, stars in lower centre and upper right.
AΠAME KΩKOY, Kokos (magistrate)
PHRYGIA, Apameia. SA24. (Ae. 7.76g)- 88-40 BC Kokos. SNG Copenhagen 161-2; BMC 78-82; HGC 7, 670, SNG von Aulock 3466-3467; Walcher 2746.

Feel free to post anything vaguely relevant.




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Nice be coin. I'm partial to the type for the maeander pattern and pair looking eagle:


PHRYGIA, Apameia. Circa 100-50 BCE. Æ 22mm (6.53 g, 12h). Antiphon, son of Menekleos, magistrate. Helmeted bust of Athena right / Eagle flying slightly right; stars around; below, maeander pattern with piloi of the Dioskouroi to left and right; in exergue, ANTIΦΩN/[MENEKΛEOΣ] in two lines. SNG Copenhagen 164. VF, sandy brown patina Samothrace

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