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Albinus Denarius and Heroic Women in Helmets


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I was going through my ancient coin receipts and was surprised to notice that I  have not purchased a Roman Imperial denarius since December of 2022.

I’ve acquired several Antioch and Judaean coins but no Imperial denarii additions until this Albinus in 2023. Anyway, here it is, and since it features an image of Minerva in her helmet, I decided to include all of my Imperial goddesses in helmets. 






I’ve always had an admiration and fascination with the image of

heroic women in helmets in classical artwork.


Please post your Albinus coins and your goddesses in helmets.




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Clodius Albinus (193 - 195 A.D.)

AR Denarius
O: D CLOD SEPT ALBIN CAES, bare head right.
R: MINER PACIF COS II, Minerva standing front, head left, holding a spear and leaning on a shield.
Rome Mint
RIC 7, RSC 48, RCV 6144, BMC 98

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Nice thread idea! Here's one I don't believe I've posted before.


Circa 375-350 BCE
AR Stater 19 mm, 8.47 g, 6 h
Λ Pegasos flying left.
Rev. ΛEYKAΔIΩN Head of Athena to left, wearing Corinthian helmet; behind, Π.
BCD Akarnania 194. Calciati 48/2

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I do not have an Albinus coin. It's on my list but not a great priority since I am not chasing "one coin per emperor/Caesar" set anymore. 

Here are some nice ladies with helmets 

- on a tiny VRBS ROMA barbarous imitation


- small bronze from Myrina 


- Seleukid triple crested 


- archaic Selge



- winged Corinthian


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Fantastic coin of Clodius Albinus@LONGINUS! I also really like your denarius of Domitian.

I usually dont pay much attention to types of helmets on my coins, but your post makes me want to check that out. Thanks! 

Here is my coin of CA as Augustus. I think these are generally speaking poorly struck in comparison to his issues as Caesar. And a coin with a helmet on Mars. But I dont think that a lady.... Ill have to see if I have any ladies in the collection. 



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My only Clodius Albinus, which is a sestertius but also has Minerva on the reverse.

Clodius Albinus Sestertius, 194-195
Rome. Bronze, 29mm, 17.97g. Head of Clodius Albinus, bare, right; D CLOD SEPT ALBIN CAES. Minerva, helmeted, draped, standing left, holding olive-branch in right hand and shield set on ground in left hand; spear rests against left arm; MINER PACIF COS II; S C (RIC IV, 54A). Found near Wisbech.

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Of course Roma features a lot in the late Empire.

Eugenius Siliqua, 392-394
Trier. Silver, 1.72g. Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right; D N EVGENI-VS P F AVG. Roma seated left on cuirass, holding reversed spear and Victoriola on globe; VIRTVS RO-MANORVM; TR PS in exergue (RIC IX, 106(d); Ghey 78, this coin). From the Vale of Pewsey (Wiltshire) Hoard 2020, Portable Antiquities Scheme: BM-7D34D9.

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PAMPHYLIA, SIDE. 2nd-1st Centuries BC. AR Tetradrachm: 16.43 gm, 34 mm, 12 h. Obverse: Athena wearing a crested Corinthian helmet. Reverse: Nike advancing with wreath in hand, pomegranate in left field. Ex AWK Collection, sold at auction on January 18, 2018.

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Athena with crested helmet


Bust of Athena right in crested helmet
Text above and beneath eagle alighting right on maeander pattern between two pilei, stars in lower centre and upper right.
AΠAME KΩKOY, Kokos (magistrate)
PHRYGIA, Apameia. SA24. (Ae. 7.76g)- 88-40 BC Kokos. SNG Copenhagen 161-2; BMC 78-82; HGC 7, 670, SNG von Aulock 3466-3467; Walcher 2746


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Clodius Albinus is quite a tough one, well done DR


Clodius Albinus, Denarius - Rome mint, 194 CE
CLOD SEPT ALBIN CAES, bare head of Clodius Albinus right
MINER PACIF COS II, Minerva standing left, holding spear and olive branch, leaning on shield
3,36 gr
Ref : Cohen #48, RCV #6144


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Hi All,

One of my Alexandrian denari of Albimus.


CLODIUS ALBINUS (Caesar 193-195; Augustus 195-197),
Size: 17x19 mm
Weight: 2.57 g
Axis: 00:00
Broucheion Collection R-2000-05-31.001

Obv: Clodius Albinus bare head facing right. Legend: [DCL]ODSEPT - [ALBI]N[CAES]. No
border visible.
Rev: Felicitas standing, facing left, holding a caduceus and scepter. Legend: [FELICI - TAS -]
COS [II]. No border visible.
Refs: RIC IV Unlisted; BMC-Unlisted.

Note 1.
Curtis Clay (20 Jun 2005 e-mail to MONETA-L) :
"Roger Bickford-Smith, in an unpublished 1993 monograph on Alexandrian denarii of which I have a copy, listed 14 spec., and I'll bet that at least another 14 examples have appeared on the market since 1993."

Note 2. Doug Smith (from https://www.forumancientcoins.com/dougsmith/feac74per.html as seen 7 Aug 2023) :
"Until recently (2009), all of the specimens for Clodius Albinus known to me have the reverse FELICITAS COS II showing the personification of Felicitas standing facing left holding a caduceus and scepter. The type is recognized from the Rome mint in all the major references (Cohen 15, Roman Imperial Coins 4, British Museum Catalog 91-92). All the known Felicitas reverse Alexandria coins (and some, but not all, coins from Rome) show the reverse legend split

Obverses however show several different splits.

The upper left photo shows
while the lower left uses

While these are somewhat rare it should be noted that the number of different dies used on the known coins suggests that this was not a very small issue. More and more have been discovered in the hoard material currently appearing on the market. When this page was first posted (ca 2000) I stated that all of the Albinus Alexandria coins shared this reverse type but now I now stand corrected. There are extremely rare coins of this mint with a Fortuna seated reverse. I have not seen one in person but the photos leave no doubt that the identification is correct."

Here's a Minerva with helmet on another Alexandrian denarius of Septimius Severius.


SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS (14 April 193 - 211 CE)
Ar Denarius
Size: 18x20 mm
Weight: 2.36 grams
Axis: 06:00
Broucheion Collection R-2001-03-31.001b

Obv: Septimius Severus, laureate head, facing right. Legend: [IMPCAELSEP] - SEVPERT[AVG]. Dotted border.
Rev: Minerva helmeted, standing facing left, left arm holding spear, right arm holding round shield. Legend: ΡMTRΡIII - C - OSIIIΡΡ[M]. Dotted border.
Refs: RIC IV Alexandria, 350E; BMC-0328A (Rome); British Museum: R1946,1004.791
Note: Bickford-Smith observed, the die axis of Alexandrian denarii of Septimius Severius was predominantly upright in 194, but predominantly or exclusively inverted in 195.

- Broucheion


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