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Valerian - Alexandria - Eagle - Year 7


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I have gotten distracted yet again!!

Valerian - Tetradrachm

Obv:- A K Π ΛI OVAΛEPIANOC EV EV C, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev:_ Eagle standing left, head right, wreath in beak
Minted in Alexandria, (L - Retrograde Z). Minted 29th Aug A.D. 259 - spring A.D. 260
References:- cf. BMC Alexandria p. 281, 2149; cf. Milne 4034; cf. Dattari 5183 ff. var. (date)

I cannot find any others with the Retrograde year


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I don't see many Retrograde Valerian I either.

Here is mt favorite Valerian I Tet.



Valerian I (253 - 260 A.D.)

Egypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
O: A K Π ΛI OVAΛEPIANOC EV EVC, Laureate and cuirassed bust right
R: Tyche seated left, holding rudder and cornucopia; L Δ (Year 4, 256/7 A.D.) to upper left.
Köln 2867; Dattari (Savio) 5174; K&G 88.28; Emmett 3721.4.

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