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I need help from france please. 8 reales silver coons

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I concur, the coin looks okay to me. 

The fact that it has been holed suggests that it might have circulated in Guatemala or within Central America, where creating holes in coins was a common practice among the indigenous populations.  

Here's a Guatemala 8 reales, 1740, flip struck, with a conspicuous hole.

Guatemala, 8 reales, Philip V, 1740 J .

KM 6

22..88 grams


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I used to work in a coin shop that saw a lot of modern fakes. US "seated Liberty" dollars were one of the most common ones. Most of the fakes were pretty bad and I could tell by sight.

Regardless of the skill involved, the weight would often be way off.

In this case, nothing in the pictures makes me question the coin.

That said, I would recommend getting a small scale. You can pick them up very cheaply on Amazon.

That, and buying from reputable dealers, should keep you pretty safe.

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Many coins were holed by sailors as you had no space on a ship for personal belongings.  Holed and wore around your neck provided the best security for your money. As you slept as well if the ship sank you had your money if you didn't drownd. 

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