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Mysia Lampsakos Diobol


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I am happy with this recent pick-up.

 400-330 B.C. MYSIA, Lampsakos 1.09gm., AR10mm.
 Obv: Janiform female heads
 Rev: Bust of Athena (R) wearing Corinthian helmet Λ A M in front, Λ behind
 Ref: SNG France 1183 

(7) 400-330 B.C. MYSIA, Lampsakos SNG France 1183 (O).jpg

(7) 400-330 B.C. MYSIA, Lampsakos SNG France 1183 (R).jpg

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Nice pickup!

I only have this bronze from Lampsakos.


MYSIA, Lampsakos
350-250 BCE
Æ 14mm, 3.63 gm, 8h
Obv: (ΛΑΜ?), Helmeted head of Athena, right.
Rev: ΨΑ, forepart of Pegasos right, dolphin, right below.
BMC__. Like BMC 63, except helmeted head of Athena, right. SNG Cop__; von Aulock__

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Here is my only coin from this city 


Mysia. Lampsakos circa 500-450 BC. Tetartemorion 7 mm, 0,14 g.
Male head (of Apollo?) to left, wearing taenia. Rev: Head of Athena to left, wearing Corinthian helmet, within incuse square. Asia Minor Coins, #12762; similar to CNG E-Auction 378 (2016), 161; Pecunem Online Auctions Auction 39 3 January 2016, lot 257; otherwise unpublished in the standard references

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