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I just needed a victory


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The following has been my last three days:

  • My older son hit a pothole that tore up two of his tires. Of course all four needed to be replaced, and that was after I'd replaced all four tires on my car the week prior.
  • Despite the fact we don't allow smoking in our rental buildings, someone decided to light up, caught the place on fire, and did $500k of damage. Yeah, there's insurance, but it will be a major headache fixing everything. On the positive, no one was hurt.
  • I can't go into depth on the work issues, but there were multiple screw-ups involving a number of meetings and work to repair relationships. Things have been tense.

So, when I saw this coin, I felt it just spoke to me.


Normally I would've waited to receive the coin, take some photos, and then post this story, but the problem is my coin photography studio is all packed up because our basement flooded two weeks ago and everything downstairs had to move in order to patch up the walls and replace the carpet.

Really, I just wanted a coin to cheer me up, but this one fits nicely. I currently don't own a denarius from Marcus Aurelius because the only one I had I gave to a friend who is named Marcus and I knew he'd appreciate it. I do have this sestertius - which is my only sestertius.


Therefore, I think this denarius goes well with it. In my sestertius, it was victory over the Germans - only they were in Slovenia. The denarius is victory over the Parthians - those rascals who kept getting into scuffles with the Romans.

It will remind me that no matter how many tires I lose, carpets get soaked, idiots set fire to my buildings, or incompetent oafs neglect answering important emails, I'll persevere and win in the end. I'll have new tires, a new carpet, a shinier building (even though we just finished renovating it), and a good review.

So, take that you Parthians!

Please post your victories, Marcus Aurelius, or whatever else seems appropriate.

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Nice denarius. And that sestertius is lovely!

We just recently had a couple massive vehicle repair bills, plus two new sets of tires, so I know a little bit what it feels like to have everything fall on top of you at once!

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Yikes @kirispupis, hope things start looking up soon.  Meanwhile, here's a bronze sestertius of Marcus Aurelius to match the VIC PAR denarius:


And to give equal time to the Parthians: No Parthian coins, to my knowledge, make any direct reference to victories over Rome.  There is at least one direct reference to a Parthian victory, though in this case it's of Parthian against Parthian.  Vonones (c.8-12 CE) struck these silver drachms to commemorate his victory over Artabanos IV.  The reverse reads (in Greek) "King Vonones, Victorious over Artabanos".  The victory was short-lived, however, as Artabanos would reclaim the throne shortly afterwards.



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Wow!  Fate has not been kind to you lately!  I hope that things are sorted out so you can resume a normal life.

It's nice to have a coin or two (or more) of Marcus Aurelius, whose work "Meditations" is one of the cornerstones of Stoicism.  I try to incorporate his ideas about our relationships to the world and the need to keep a core of inner peace, despite what occurs around us, but it is a tough thing to follow on a daily basis, especially in these times.  

I don't have anything new of this emperor to post that I haven't posted a gazillion times before.  But at the risk of being overly repetitive, here is my "limes" denarius.

Marcus Aurelius, "Limes" denarius, AD 145-160, as Caesar.

Marcus Aurelius, as Caesar, Æ Limes Denarius. Uncertain mint after Rome, AD 145-160. AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PII F, bare head to right / COS II, Spes advancing to left, holding up flower and raising skirt. cf. RIC III 431 (Pius); BMCRE 604 (Pius); RSC 103. 3.40g, 18mm, 7h.


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Sorry for what's happening. Unfortunately Murphy's laws are in place. When something goes wrong, it's not coming alone. 

Here is a similar sestertius from the co-emperor. Marcus Aurelius at least cared about whose behind he kicked. Parthians, Germans. 

Lucius Verus didn't seem to care, according to this coin. Parthians, Germans, Armenians? Let's kick all their behinds - VIC AVG!


Lucius Verus AD 161-169. Rome
Sestertius Æ
32 mm, 20,98 g
AD 163 - AD 164 Obv: L AVREL VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS, head of Lucius Verus, laureate, right / Rev: TR P IIII IMP II COS II S C, Victory, winged, half-draped, standing right, fixing to a palm-tree with left hand shield inscribed VIC AVG
RIC III Marcus Aurelius 1397, BMC 1116

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Just had a problem where a main drain line from the house became compromised due to shifting of a rock wall that runs along the foundation. Neighbors noticed water bubbling up from the ground in their yard. Called the local water company to assess and they referred to an industrial-grade plumber. I wrote a check for $16.4 k that day (last Thursday) to fix it. The plumbers needed to contract with a backhoe excavator to find the problem. But it's fixed now. Would I have liked to buy a few coins with the money? well, sure. Here's a Pupienus reverse.....


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Nice to see you taking over fate mate.

Another Victory !


Lucius Verus, Denarius - Rome mint, 165 CE
L VERVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX, Laureate head of Verus right
TRP V IMP III COS II, Captive (Parthian or Armenian) seated right, before him, bow, quiver and shield
3.10 gr
Ref : Cohen # 273, RCV # 5358


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You can't choose what life throws at you, but you can choose how to deal with it. It seems like you do with chin up, so my respect!

Excellent way not to spend your money on alcohol or whatever, but on a decent Marcus Aurelius. Especially he would handle this in a resembling stoic manner. Accept what is and move on! 👍🏻

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