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Titus Caesar Victory with Standard As

David Atherton

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It is hard to come across bronzes with honest wear and 'unenchanced' eye-appeal ... which is why I was quite thrilled to have recently won this fetching Titus Caesar as at auction. An unadulterated little gem.




Titus as Caesar [Vespasian]
Æ As, 10.52g
Rome mint, 72 AD
Obv: T CAES VESPASIAN IMP P TR P COS II; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: VICTORIA AVGVSTI; S C in field; Victory adv. r. to place wreath on standard and holding palm
RIC 453 (R). BMC 645. BNC 636.
Ex Heritage, Auction #232326, 5 July 2023, lot 65138. Formerly in NGC holder #2119689-009, grade F.

A fairly rare Titus Caesar as from 72 featuring Victory with standard on the reverse. One could plausibly argue this is a 'Judaea Capta' type. I decline to categorise it as such based on the generic nature of the design and the lack of a captive. It is too ambiguous for a decisive answer. FWIW, Hendin does not include the variety as a Judaea Capta type in his Guide to Biblical coins.


In hand.


The type is better known on the denarii.



AR Denarius, 3.42g
Rome Mint, 72-73 AD
Obv: IMP CAES VESP A-VG P M COS IIII; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: VICTORIA AVGVSTI; Victory stg. r., crowning standard and holding palm
RIC 362 (C2). BMC 74. RSC 618. BNC 60.
Acquired from Incitatus Coins, July 2004.

As always, thanks for looking/watching!

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I find the denarius incredibly beautiful, by the way. Such a portrait on such a well centered coin... 🥰
And the as is indeed very charming.

I also always free my coins from the NGC holders. I tried not breaking them, but so far, all 3 of my 3 NGC holders broke during the liberation process... No clue what I do wrong. At this point I'm not sure if it's possible to open them without cracking them.

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Nice and interesting bronze. I'm always amazed at how many rare to exceedingly rare types you can spot in one year @David Atherton !

I know you have seen my Titus' Victoria Navalis at least ten times, but an eleventh doesn't hurt, does it ?


Titus as ceasar, As - Minted 77 CE
T CAES IMP AVG F TR P COS VI CENSOR, Laureate head of Titus right
VICTORIA NAVALIS, Victory standing right, on a prow of galley. S C in field
10.14 gr
Ref : Cohen #390, RCV #2485 var



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