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Künker eLive Auktion 78 wins

Prieure de Sion

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Has and/or is anyone participating in the Künker eLive Auction 78? I had a good cut today - out of 7 coins, I got 5 coins in the end. The upcoming coins tonight, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are not interesting for me.

The "good" thing about the Künker auctions are often the terrible pictures (I'm sorry, but the pictures are very bad since this year). But the positive thing is that the coins always (so far) look much much better live then. I'm excited again when the Künker package arrives here in the coming days, weeks.


I managed to win a "Triple-Caligula" today 🙂



Gaius Caligula, 37-41 for Divus Augustus
Æ-Dupondius, Rome; 14.35 g. Head l. with ray-bandage//Augustus seated l. with branch. BMC 88; Coh. 87; RIC² 56. brown patina, min. corroded, small scratch on reverse, good very fine. Specimen from the CNG Mail Bid Sale 63, Lancaster 2003, no. 1214. The reverse refers to Caligula's accession to power in Rome, when the emperor made a speech before the senate, knights and representatives of the plebs (Cassius Dio 59,6; Suetonius, Caligula 14) to confirm the consensus universorum. See v. Kaenel in Schweizer Münzblätter 1979, p. 39.



Gaius Caligula, 37-41 for Germanicus
Æ-Dupondius, Rome; 15.28 g. Germanicus in quadriga r. with eagle sceptre//SIGNIS RECEPT/DEVICTIS GERM Germanicus standing l. with legionary eagle. BMC 94; Coh. 7 (Germanicus); RIC² 57. brown-green patina, slightly smoothed, good very fine/very fine. Specimen of the auction Lanz 106, Munich 2001, no. 259. The piece commemorates the triumph of Germanicus on 26 May 17, awarded to him for his victories over the Germanic tribes and especially for the partial recovery of the legionary eagles lost in the Battle of Varus.



Gaius Caligula, 37-41 for Nero and Drusus Caesares
Æ-Dupondius, 37/38, Rome; 16.15 g. Nero and Drusus Caesares riding r.//SC. BMC 44; Coh. 1; RIC² 34. green-brown patina, min. smoothed and reworked, corrosion spot on reverse, good very fine. Specimen of the auction Lanz 114, Munich 2003, no. 269.



And then I got two Gordianus III... once a very normal specimen, let's see how good the preservation really is. The type is not all that common - if it's well preserved, it's a good catch.



Gordianus III, 238-244
AR Antoninian, 240, Rome; 3.83 g. Draped bust r. with halo//Roma seated l. on shield with Victoria and spear. Coh. 314; RIC 70. Excellent. Example from the Rauch 90 auction, Vienna 2012, no. 701.



Gordianus III, 238-244
AR-Antoninian, 242/244, Antioch (?); 4.14 g. Armoured bust r. with ray-band//Fortuna seated l. with helm and cornucopiae. Coh. -, vergl. 98; RIC 210. tiny. Scratches, min. Tear of stamp on reverse, scarcely excellent. Specimen of the auction Lanz 125, Munich 2005, no. 945.



And here I rather do not believe in Antioch. I don't really know such "terrible" portraits from Antioch. I rather think it could be a contemporary imitation (again). Similar to the Grodianus III I bought at Leu last week: https://www.numisforums.com/topic/4437-leu-wins-thread/?do=findComment&comment=55569

But first take a closer look when the coins are here, respectively this last Gordianus. Auction descriptions are all copied from Künker first and therefore not checked.



Has anyone else here joined in and bid? I still had two beautiful Nero bronzes on the list - but I was outbid 🙂 

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Nice wins. I won coins of Germanicus and Probus....I've included CNG's photograph of the former, as that is what sold me on the coin. You're right that Kunker's photos aren't the greatest.....most of the coins I've purchased from Kunker had prior auction photos for me to refer to. If someone has a copy of the Jean Elsen Sale 58 (1999), could you please PM me a photo or scan of lot 1196 including the listing? I would be eternally grateful! 




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