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Washington senators baseball pin ,casting, or what?


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I aquired this some years ago. It has sat around not unlike quite a few other tid bits of medal. And other items that over the years have piled up. Sort of a treasure trove of items some you're aware where they came from....then others that you're clueless. 

This copper casting was to my best guess a prototype pin that would be a mans lapel pin or a ladies hat or stick pin. It may of been casted in copper to enamelle over to add color. IDK thus this post. Any ideals from collectors, jewlers, sport fans? 

Now to be honest and those of you who know me...know I research everything.....and I'm at a loss to find anything on this cast.

Its easy to see the capital dome the senators name and base ball & crossed bats. I have searched all exonumia dealing with the team. Ok any information will be appreciated thanks in advance.




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