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What's under the gilt....maybe gold....and "Bring out your dead" post


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My 1890 snow 1 triple die obv. Project

I aquired this 1890 IHC for a few bucks.....it had been" gilted" at some point of its life. And with its platchet it was struck from were supplied by Scovill mfg. Co. Of Waterbury Conn. @ twenty cents a pound....back in the day.

So acetone and verdi care so far here she is...minor tripling effects visible on the tops of most of the legend class VI distended hub doubling. R~6 premium factor 8.0 x - 12.0x retail @ par on condition. So I grade this specimen xf-40 details altered surfaces due to the gilting. Well not the home run..... but a nice triple doubled die....but wait!!!!
Look under the digits of the date.... yup its also an RPD




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Do you have a special project ?  Trying to rise the dead??? .....here is your chance.... post them here....right here...bring out your dead!..... and we'll kick some life i back in them..... give us your crusty,your rusty....your specimen that you rather not divulge how you obtained it.😮

Make sure you give us your restoration plan.. 


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I just bought a lot of 6 assorted AS's for under 60 Euros delivered. They are all very worn or pitted and were unattributed. But, I thought I saw two that are uncommon. A Lucius Verus with trophy and captive reverse and possibly a Hadrian with Honos reverse. I have no plans for restoration, the history speaks for itself. They are happy to see the light of day, so it is with great pleasure to bring these dead out.



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I like hunting for cruddy silver coins for bargain to see if I can bring out the details within. 

Intermediate owl tetradrachm,



A Chola stater, although this coin was not a bargain ($100) back in 2020, I had to have it for my South Indian kingdom collection, but just last year I got a much better example for the same price. 



A siliqua of Julian the Apostate, 



And a denarius of Augustus



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