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Bird is the word....post some...


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Terrific idea for a thread, @Paddy54, with some cool modern examples.  

By way of widening the field, along the lines of @Orange Julius and Roman Alexandria, here are a couple of medieval ones. 


Heinrich VI of the German empire and his wife, Costanza of Sicily.  Denaro, likely of Messina (in Sicily, just across the strait from mainland Italy), 1194-1196.

Obv.  Cross; +E [crossbar very weakly struck] . IMPERATOR.  (Enrico, the emperor.)

Rev.  Eagle (the arms of the Hohenstaufen dynasty).  + C[ostanza] . IMPERATRIX (empress).  D'Andrea (in translation), The [sic] Hohenstaufen's coins of the Kingdom of Sicily, 41.

These were the parents of Friedrich II (d. 1250), who grew up in Sicily, imbibing the remarkable cultural diversity which had been there for centuries.  His ensuing level of erudition, extending to literacy in Arabic, variously impressed and scared northwestern Europe, where he was known as the 'Stupor Mundi,' or 'Wonder of the World.'

And, Rats, I can't find pics of his own issues that are in the collection.  But here's a contemporary one from prominent vassals in the Low Countries.  Here, the Hohenstaufen eagle is rendered with two heads; a variant which goes back to the mid- or later 12th century, but which becomes more prevalent from Friedrich II's reign, including on his coins.



Duchy of Brabant.  Henri /Hendrik II or III (1235-1248-1261).  Petit denier.

Obv.  Double-headed eagle.  Rev. Brabantine cross; moneyer's name (in four letters; common to other petit deniers of the region), of which I can make no sense whatsoever.  Haek, De Brabantse klein denieren, 124. 

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Macedonia, Eion, AR trihemiobol, ca. 460-400 BC. Obv: Goose standing r., head turned l.; lizard curving l. above; H to lower r. Rev: quadripartite incuse square. 12 mm, 0,71g. Ref: SNG Cop 179.




Sikyonia, Sikyon, AR hemidrachm, ca. 330-280 BC. Obv: chimaera advancing l., right paw raised; ΣΙ below. Rev: dove flying left. 16mm, 2.6g. Ref: SNG Copenhagen 64f.




Roman Republic, imperatorial issue of Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius, AR denarius, 81 BC, Northern Italian mint. Obv: diademed head of Pietas r.; to r., stork standing r. Rev: IMPER; jug and lituus; in laurel wreath. Ref: RRC 374/2. 19mm, 3.90g.


Flamingo (?):


Roman Republic, moneyer: C. Fabius [Hadrianus?], AR denarius, 102 BC, Rome mint. Obv: EX·A·PV; bust of Cybele r., wearing turreted crown and veil. Rev: .FA BI.C.F; Victory in biga r., holding reins in 1. hand and goad in r. hand; below, bird (flamingo?) and control mark V. 19mm, 3.82g. Ref: RRC 322/1b.




lkhanate, under Arghun with Ghazan as viceroy, AR dirham, 1291–1292 AD (690–691 AH), Astarabad mint. Obv: Uyghur protocol in three lines, two above hawk and one below: "[qaghanu]/ nereber/ deletkeguluksen(?)" ('of the Khaqan / in the name of / struck'); Arabic name of the ruler Arghun in central l. field; citing his heir Ghazan in r. field; hawk r., sunface rising behind. Rev: Shiite kalima in three lines in square: "la ilah illa allah / muhammad rasul allah / ali waliun allah", partial mint and date formula for Astarabad in margins. Ref: Album 2149.2. 17.5mm, 2.93g.




Attica, Athens, AR tetradrachm, ca. 440s–430s BC. Obv: head of Athena to right, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with three olive leaves and palmette. Rev: AΘE; Owl standing right, head facing; to left, olive sprig and crescent; all within incuse square. 24mm, 17.14g. Ref: Kroll 8.




Freiburg im Breisgau, civic issue, bracteate pfennig ("vierzipfliger Pfennig"), ca. 1368–1390 AD. Obv: eagle's head l. Rev: negative design (bracteate). 18mm, 0.30g. Ref: Wielandt: Breisgau 48b; Slg. Wüthrich 63; ; Slg. Bonhoff 1788; Slg. Ulmer 249; Berger –.

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Nice theme for a thread :

My most recent acquisition has birds on it (french jeton minted for Gaston d'Orleans who ruled the Dombes principality back then) :


1644 - Gaston d'Orleans (1627-1650), Jeton, cuivre - Atelier de Trévoux
(rose) GASTON . DE . FRANCE (croix de l'Ordre de St Esprit) ONCLE. VNIQVE . DV . ROY Ecu d'Orléans couronné entouré des colliers des ordres du roi

TEQVE TVOSQVE SEQVEMVR Quatre aigles couronnés volant à gauche (Nous te suivons, toi et les tiens). A l'exergue . 1644 .
Cu, 6,07 gr - 27 mm - 6 h
Ref : Feuardent # 10857


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