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OTD 1576 years ago, "The Vandals took the handles" right off of the Roman Empire


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judging by the imagery made in the 15 centuries since,


in 455 CE,


there was a helluva party being held by the ultimate outsiders at the expense of the greatest empire ever to rise and then fall:


The Vandals enter, plunder and sack Rome for two weeks of total mayhem!


Vandals . Pseudo-imperial coinage. AR Siliqua (14 mm, 1.80 g), c. 440-490 AD, in the name of Honorius (393-423 AD).

Obv. D N HONORIUS PF AUG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right

Rev. VRBS, Roma seated left on cuirass, holding sceptre and Victory on globe.

BMC Vandals 9. MEC 1, 2. Purchased from Heritage Auction June 2021

Other barbarous LRBs:


Please post up those coins attributed to The Vandals, coins from the time or other times Rome was sacked, or whatever flips "the natural order" on its head!




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I only have this tiny thing, which might be Vandal. Not sure it suits their image.

Vandal Kingdom Palm Tree Nummus, 440-490
Carthage. Bronze, 9mm, 0.47g. Pearl diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Palm tree with multiple fruits on each side (BMC Vandal 68). Found Morriston, Swansea, Wales.

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The Vandals, ca. 480 - 533 AD; Ae 4 Nummi : Carthage mint (10.1mm, 0.9gms)

Obv: Diademed and draped bust (of ?) left holding branch

Rev: N / IIII within border

Ref: BMC Vandals 12 - 14



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That sack really was a death blow, wasn't it!

It's difficult to know which imitations are Vandal without the benefit of a findspot, but here's a little sequence I've put together leading from an official Valentinian II Vota coin through a number of imitations, culminating in a type that is (I believe) securely placed in Vandal Africa based on findspot info.  These are all my coins except for the bottom one:


I like the flip to retrograde in the middle of this sequence, eventually leading to the carefully produced type at the bottom which – without the sequence – one would think must have some kind of meaning. Nope!

I hope we get to see some more imitations often attributed to the Vandals...

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