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Roman Provincial Coinage, Volume VIII (RPC VIII)

Al Kowsky

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I should make a habit of going through the different volumes of the RPC more often 😉. While browsing through RPC VIII today I found 4 of my coins pictured 😊. The info is always helpful for identification, & to see how many other coins are listed under that specific type, who sold them, or what collection they are in. Pictured below are the coins I found.



Syria-Antioch, Philip II as Augustus, AD 247. Billon Tetradrachm: 11.02 gm, 27 mm, 6 h. Prieur 402A; McAlee 1032b; unassigned ID 29010, 6 examples cited. This coin is an extremely rare sub-type with no gorgonian on the cuirass. Ex Michel Prieur Collection, 1 example listed.



Syria-Antioch, Philip II as Augustus, AD 249. Billon Tetradrachm: 12.29 gm, 26 mm, 2 h. Prieur 492; McAlee 1064c; unassigned ID 29198, 4 examples listed. NGC 4278563-002, MS*, Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5.



Syria-Antioch, Philip II as Caesar, AD 244. Billon Tetradrachm: 11.70 gm, 25 mm, 12 h. McAlee 1011, Ex Rare. unassigned ID 48130, 1 specimen. Apparently this coin is unique. NGC 3988264-003, Ch XF, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5, Fine Style.



Syria-Antioch, Philip II as Augustus, AD 248. Billon Tetradrachm: 26 mm, 1 h. Prieur 470; McAlee 1054, V. Rare. unassigned ID 29179, 3 specimens listed. NGC 3988264-004, MS*, Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5.

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