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Poltergeists, Ghosts, or . . . Can you explain this? Constantine I


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Not a 'wind-up'. Yes, True Story. It really happened. (This is not a case of 'photoshopping'.)

I was photographing some coins from my collection when a 'strange' occurrence took place. I don't have an answer for it; perhaps you do?

330-333 AD. CONSTANTINOPLE, City Commemorative AE19mm., 2.32gm. RIC VII Siscia 224a.

After taking the first photograph I was not satisfied with the background and I changed it. I then took the second photograph a half an hour later. (Same location, same camera, same 'setup'.)

Can you spot the difference? (Better still, can you 'explain' the difference?)




SPOILER ALERT  -  Look at the mintmark in the exergue



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