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[SALE] Alexid Ancients - Variety of Roman and Byzantine Coinage for Sale


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Hello Everyone, 

Some of you know me as Caesar_Augustus from CoinTalk. I started collecting back in 2015 and have loved this hobby ever since. That being said, I am at a point where I need to sell a large portion of my collection. 

I have worked with @Severus Alexander in the past and provided consignments to all three AMCC auctions. This time, I have built a website to help showcase my collection in a professional way and give the community members first pick. 

Please feel free to have a look at my site: https://alexidancients.github.io/sale/

Feel free to contact me via direct message. Information about a particular coin is available (including provenance). All prices are listed in USD, but I also accept CAD at the daily exchange rate. Shipping costs will vary on a case-by-case, but must be tracked and registered. 

Thanks for looking,

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Thanks for the feedback, all! 

Regarding price, I am more than happy to discuss for the coins you may be interested in. I am open to sharing what I paid and the provenance and we can definitely strike a good deal. 

@AussieCollector, shipping to Australia looks like it would be US$45 using Canada Post tracked, which I would agree is steep. I can explore other options and we can discuss over DM if you'd like. 


@Severus Alexander, I appreciate the kind words. Yes, you have a keen eye. I did leave out a couple dozen of my favorites that I have decided to keep. Among them is the LON follis. 




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Hello fellow collectors! A brief update on the sale. 

After much review, I have revised all the prices on the website and have made them closer to original cost. Please have a look. https://alexidancients.github.io/sale/
I have also added the provenance information. 

I will also be using a shipping reseller service to minimize shipping costs. I estimate around US$15 for shipping within Canada, and US$30 for shipping to the United States. These rates are to be confirmed. 

I accept Paypal and would like to try using TransferWise to minimize fees. I am also open to using a middleman for those who prefer that route. 

Thank you, and I hope you find something you like,

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An update on the sale for everyone: many thanks for those who have already taken a look and purchased coins. I have reduced the offerings to the coins that are available. 

I am now pushing to get all these coins sold, whether it is privately or through Auction houses (I am already in touch). Reason being is my recent home purchase, and I would rather pay the bank less in interest from the get go. Lots of fund raising in the next few months to maximize that down payment. 🙂

With that being said, I would like to give the community a go at the coins before I go the route of sending them for auction. 

Please have another look at the site https://alexidancients.github.io/sale/ (we can also deal on eBay as well). 
Feel free to send me a private message here or send an email to the address provided on the 'Terms' page. 

I am open to offers of any types, and am offering discounts if you purchase a large selection of the collection. Feel free to send over any questions! 🙂

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Hello, everyone! I have reduced the price on most of the coins. You can find them on my website or through eBay: 



Last chance before I send the collection over to auction (5th of April). I am open to offers happy to make a deal when you buy several coins. 

Thanks for looking!

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