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Constantine The Great Commemorative 330-354 AD - Wolf & twins Romulus and Remus on Reverse


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I worked on pictures of this tough to photograph coin today. Best I can do.

I remember some of the story from school. It has been fun to read up on it again since I acquired this coin.

The trick to remember which of the two founded Rome was to remember that Romulus has an "O" in his name. It was on the test.





Obv. Bronze, 14.5mm, 1.5 gr. Lugdunum, struck under Constantine I VRBS ROMA Helmeted and mantled bust of Roma to left.

Rev. •PLG She-wolf standing left, suckling the twins Romulus and Remus; above, two stars. RIC 242. A most attractive coin.
Found in modern Normandy

King Amulius ordered the twins Romulus and Remus to be killed and they were abandoned on the bank of the river Tiber to die.
They were suckled by a she-wolf in a cave.
Romulus was the founder of the city of Rome. The god Mars was the twins father.

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