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Celtic Proto Ring Money 500 BC-100 AD


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Lot Of 3  They are 12, 20 & 23mm


There is debate that this type of "Ring Money". That it was  actually used in buying and selling as a form of ‘proto-currency’.
Others, however, believe the bronze rings are actually just strap fittings or were used in the making of chain mail armor and not a trade currency.

I think they are interesting and perhaps quite common. Artifacts or money, I don't know. Perhaps both as a form of barter?

I see them sell for $5 - $15 each price range. I was given these as a bonus.

I do know there are forms of "Ring Money" that are a bit more ornate.

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I'm pretty sure they were functional - strap fittings and the like. Having said that, before they had coins, the Romans used to exchange whatever bronze they could get their hands on. It had value both as the functional items made from it and as a portable store of value in the metal. It was easier to exchange a buckle or an axe head rather than half a dozen sheep.

So rather than being specifically made as currency, they may have in any case been used as currency. In Europe, they eventually started making token versions of the things they were trading in standard sizes, which was then essentially currency.

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Cool! I do love everything Celtic🥰

I am with @John Conduitt I believe it was functional money. Though unlike the cumbersome cakes of bronze, these would be much easier to exchange. 

You'd mentioned them coming in different ornate styles. Here's some of mine (though I like the figure eights, the one that looks like a no smoking sign is my favorite):


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Thanks fellers, I wasn't far off thinking they might be tradable for goods and useful hardware at the same time.

It would be kind of tough going through the checkout at Walmart with a half a dozen sheep. But having been to Walmart, it wouldn't surprise me if I saw it one day.


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