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I just saw this ...

The Pontian

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I believe at one time this was an Alexander Tetradrachm from the mint of Myriandros. It seems possible to me that who ever tried to "restore" this coin made an absolute mess out of what could have been an interesting coin. Please note THIS IS NOT MY COIN

Ar Tetradrachm of Alexander IV In the name and types of Alexander III Myriandros mint 323-320 BC Obv Beardless head of Herakles in lions skin headdress. Rv Zeus Aetophoros seated left Price 3221  17.09 grms 26 mm Leu Web Auction 20 Lot 600 July 16 2022 


You can see with this example the MI monogram which can still be seen on the example cited by @The Pontian Also one cans see on this coin the rather unusual placement of the name Alexander as well as the title Basileos. I believe that this was what the individual was attempting to replicate with is unbelievably bad attempt at tooling. The monogram in the left field has been completely effaced by rather aggressive smoothing. The obv appears more or less intact and does match other coins from this mint.  

This is another coin with a die that more closely resembles the obverse of the coin posted by @The Pontian THIS IS NOT MY COIN

Ar Tetradrachm of Alexander III Myriandros mint circa 325-323 BC Standard types Price 3229 17.16 grms 27 mm  Gorny &Mosch Auction 273 Lot 123 November 18 2020



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