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Coin Collectors and Cultural Property Nationalism Wayne G Sayles


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Another find from academia.edu


I doubt if the professionals at  the Museo Archaeolgica Chieti Italy   have read it, understood or care a monkey's!

Sadly interesting at the statement of bronze coins recovered from Pompeii were allowed to rot away from bronze disease whilst in the caring neglect of the Naples museum!  At least the portion of the IGCH 2056 in Chieti is silver  whilst  it remains unstudied by Italian experts after 70 years!

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That's sad. I noticed that, on a picture from another thread some months back.

That's kind of how it was in my other hobby, old time radio. Because of inane copyright rules (it's insane that a 75 year old show should technically be under copyright), an archive was the worst place the shows could go.  Thankfully in the 1960's, the shows were generally considered worthless and thrown out in droves, which helped preservation when collectors scooped them up.

However, this has been markedly turning around in recent years.  Many archives are now preserving the shows and even putting the audio out there.  One can hope the coins also get some care.

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