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Palaeologan Christmas Present! Andronikos III Basilikon delivered this afternoon


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Andronicus III Paleologus (A.D. 1328-1341) Silver Basilikon, 1.39g, 6h. Christ seated on high-backed throne, holding book of Gospels and flanked by sigla star – B.  Standing figures of St Demetrius and emperor (DOC - , similar to 875/6; PCPC 197B; S 2472 var). Very fine. 

The mailman came today with a package…excited that my naumann wins finally arrived, I signed for the package and escaped from my family for a brief minute. Then I noticed the package came from England, not austria. To my surprise, the Baldwins invoice I had forgotten about arrived alongside my win…I quickly paid online although I am surprised Baldwins would ship before payment (not that I am complaining).

This particular coin has a bit of history:
550€ Hammer at Helios Numismatik in 2010

Unsold 2013 at the new york sale,  $950 estimate 

675£ Hammer at Baldwins in 2013

And last week…drum roll please…Won at Baldwins for 100£

This is one of the more pleasant examples in the sales archives

I already have one somewhat similar, not as nice and from a group lot


You will notice it is a different coin (todays win posted again for ease of comparison)


While the obverses share an identical design, Saint Demetrius on the reverse holds a cross on my most recent win whereas he has two open hands on the group lot find.

Merry Christmas (eve)!

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