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Claudius II imitation - new (?) CONSECRATIO reverse type


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Hello All,

I acquired a few years ago an imitation of Claudius II with a reverse type that I had never seen before, and which I found quite interesting at the time: not an autel variant that one often finds on imitations of Claudius II, but something that looks like a distyle temple with a lit autel on a pedestal inside, probably inspired from Probus coinage. The reverse legend reads CONSECRNTIO (sic). The lifetime obverse legend has the style of Quintillus antoninianii, or early reign of Aurelian. The coin had been sitting quietly in my trays for years...

A few days ago, a fellow collector contacted me with a ''funny'' imitation of Claudius II, with a temple on the reverse. This new coin is now with me, and now that I pulled the first coin off its tray, I can most certainly say that they share the same pair of dies. It is personally the first time that I manage to gather two imitations sharing dies, and I thought it could be interesting enough to be shared on this forum, especially with this reverse ''new'' iconography.

Does anyone have come accros this type of Consecratio temple reverse for Claudius II before or in the litterature? Maybe even from the same dies too :)...


Comparaion Claude II temple.jpg

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I suspect the "temple" is actually a misconstrued altar. As noted above, coins muling lifetime and posthumous dies are sometimes associated with the revolt of Felicissimus at Rome. On the other hand, the 'consecratio altar' prototype is the most common of all the "barbarous radiates", perhaps because its simple geometric design was easy to copy. I suggest submitting the pair to the RIC V database for expert consideration and possible inclusion in the revised edition. https://ric.mom.fr/en/home

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