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Redaz’s top 10!


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Many of you may have known me from cointalk as “coincommanderavgvstvs” or from discord. Regardless, I’m happy to be on the new forum and post some of my top pics! Honestly, was a weird year for me both in my personal life and collecting life, yet I’ve gotten a few pieces I really cherish. I’m away from my coins for the meantime but I do have this group picture. I plan on updating this thread with better attributions/photos soon when I get back!

From left to right top to bottom 

1. Aurelian Antoninianus stuck at rome featuring sol invictus on the back (who doesn’t love Aurelian)

2. A very nice Leo VI “the wise” follis. (Got to love the style Byzantine coins had)

3. An Irish Woods farthing of George I (these weren’t really respected in the isles and were shipped to the states)

4. A beautiful 1891 Morgan given to me by my gramps 

5. Kaiser Wilhelm ii “willy” 1903 5 marks

6.  Magnus Maximus “Macsen Wledig” Arles mint AE2 383-8 AD

7. An early issue Irish farthing of Edward I, Dublin mint 

8. Edward I penny minted at Berwick with local dies

9. a Yuan dynasty Külüg Khan Zhi Da Tong Bao 1308-131

10. Empire of Thessalonica Theodore Komnenus-Doukas, bronze trachy, 1224-1230 ADE9A0080D-433E-4B70-AA40-64ED2BE65EAD.jpeg.94f849be5bb6d5c1d61f650c6dac5e2e.jpeg87150125-E408-421B-8E01-0C166DF5B627.jpeg.29c434c5b1fc9a551f01c6ab5e8626b4.jpeg


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