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I have no idea what category this belongs/ so I picked Greek? Need to ID mint city.


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@panzerman "anyone know where the AV/ EL Staters were struck?"

   Mint name / Town: Panticapaeum, Bosphorus.    Does this help you at all?



Roman Provincial
KINGS of BOSPORUS. Eupator, with Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. AD 154/5-circa 172/3. AV Stater (19mm, 7.79 g, 12h). Dated BE 459 (162/3). BACIΛЄωC ЄVΠATOPOC, diademed and draped bust of Eupator right; club before / Confronted busts of Lucius, draped, and Marcus; • between, ΘNV (date) below. Frolova G/j; MacDonald 461/1; Anokhin 538; RPC IV Online 3742

Mint name / Town: Panticapaeum, Bosphorus 
Metal: electrum 

Rarity: R2 
Obverse description: Bearded, diademed and draped bust of Eupator right, club
Obverse legend: BASILEwS EUPATOROS, (Basilews Eupatoros) 
Obverse translation: (of King Eupator) 
Reverse description: Facing heads of Marcus Aurelius left and Lucius Verus right, pellet

OP coin

Auction Lot Date    
Triton XXII 496 (« | ») 08.01.2019
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