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Eight's a crowd, or a 17'th century version of a group "selfie"


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I know that this isn't really a selfie, but it's fun to imagine that it is.

This is not a coin for those prone to  claustrophobia.  I don't know if there is another coin with more people packed on the obverse than a New York City subway car at rush hour.  I suppose that this had to be done to accommodate the elaborate coat-of-arms on the reverse.

This is Johann Ernst IV of Saxe-Weimar and his seven brothers.

The seven brothers are: Friedrich VII, Wilhelm IV, Albrecht I, Johann Friedrich IV, Ernst III, Friedrich Wilhelm and Bernhard.

Germany, Saxe-Weimar (Herzogtum), Johann Ernst IV and seven brothers, AR thaler, 1616,  Saalfeld Mint.  Ex CNG eAuction 491, lot 703.

Dav. 7529

29.03 grams



Are there any others out there?




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Amazing, @robinjojo.  I don't have any thalers at all any more, but for these ones with the Christmas-card shot of the whole family, this has to take the prize.  Can't help but remind me of Eltz Castle, which was divided, and lived in, by three separate branches of the same family.




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The thalers of Saxe-Weimar, with their multiple portraits in many cases, are actually more available than other dukedoms. 

Here's one on MA Shops, with four brothers per side:

Allemagne Argent - Saxe Weimar 1609 1 Thaler - Allemagne Saxe Weimar Argent F+ / TTB


This is just an example.  I don't know the seller, nor am I making any recommendations regarding this coin.

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