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Hope I have this coin identified correctly AE17 Male head - Nymph head on reverse


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Thessaly, Phalanna AE17 Male head / head of Nymph
Later 4th century BC. AE dichalkon 17mm, 350-300 BC?
Obverse Young male head (possibly of Ares} right
Reverse ΦAΛANNAIΩN, head of the nymph Phalanna right, A behind neck. 
BCD Thessaly 579; Rogers 449-451 var (letter A).


( I wondered if the male shown on this coin might be Philip II )

Just my thinking with no other reasons except that the coin is from the same era and to me the male head dort of resembles that of my Philip II coin shown here. I dunno?


Nymphs are generally regarded as personifications of nature, are typically tied to a specific place or landform, and are usually depicted as beautiful maidens. They were not necessarily immortal, but lived much longer than human beings.


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7 hours ago, The Pontian said:

The first coin is surely Phalana from Thessaly but I don't if it's a phillip's portrait 

Pretty sure you meant "doubt" and I agree with you. I doubt it is Philip II myself and lean toward Ares. I'm getting better in my researching and identifying coins as time goes on.

I thank you for your comments. My looking to nail it had me settling around this coin.

Top one on the page here


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