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Worst of type contest; Roman Republic denarius 80-35 BC


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Let's have a little fun; I thought it would be funny to have a worst of type contest.  The winner has bragging rights of worst of type. I poked around on vcoins, but they don't seem to offer gift certificates, anymore.

A true worst of type could potentially be an unattributable slick, so I broadened the range to about 50 years, cutting off before the Antony legionary denarii. An attributable, but awful, type can be worse than a slick.  I consider that to be much uglier than a slick.  Official coins only, no fourrees.  Roman Republican denarii of 80-35BC. 

I'm the thread-starter, so I thought it would be cheating if I participated, especially since my Caesar portrait denarius is wretched enough to be the Ivan Drago of awful coins, a total knockout.

I didn't know where to start.  I thought about starting with post-360 LRB A3's. It'd have to be a wide range there, as an awful one would be unattributable to ruler.

Let's have some fun.  It's not meant to insult anyone, just a way to have fun with some of our not so great coins, which many of us have.

Perhaps we could get some entrants, whittle them down to 4 or 5 entries, and within a week or two, have a poll voting for the worst one?

The thread could be a lot of fun, or a total dud, depending on the level of participation.   Most of us are self-deprecating enough to admit that we have at least a few awful coins kicking about.

My first coin (well co-first coin, there were two) is a Nero? As?.  I think it's in the open tray, where I put the worst of the worst, and my coin photography skills aren't up to snuff.

Too bad my coin photography is awful, I have another awful one.  Not an entrant, I guess, but can anyone ID it from my wretched attempt of earlier this year? I think it's the type with 10 billion different control marks, although the name of the type eludes me.



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This is tricky, although that might be because in changing your mind where to start, you've posted in Roman Empire asking for Roman Republic 😁

I don't collect Roman Republic, but I do happen to have some quite terrible Republic denarii. Unfortunately, there's a big gap between my Mark Antony Legionary slick (32-31BC) and my Publius Licinius Nerva brockage (113-112BC), and nothing at all in between.

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There is indeed a Roman Republic forum, but it's okay that your thread is here. I imagine most collectors of Roman coins collect both and follow both forums.

This is my most well-worn Republican denarius and it dates from the time period you ask for. Nonetheless, it's one of my favorites!

L. Mussidius Longus, Moneyer 42 BC.
Roman Republican AR denarius, 3.48 gm, 16.4 mm, 4 h.
Rome, 42 BC.
Obv: Draped bust of Marc Antony's 3rd wife, Fulvia, as Victory, right.
Rev: L·MVSSIDIVS LONGVS, Victory in biga right, holding reins in both hands.
Refs: RRC 494/40; BMCRR 4229; RCV 1517; Sydenham 1095; RSC Mussidia 4; Banti Mussidia 613.
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This one is pretty ugly....

L Papius Denarius Serratus

Obv:– Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat skin tied under chin. Behind head, cooking pot with hook.
Rev:– Gryphon running right; in ex., L. PAPI.; in field, triple flesh-hook
Minted in Rome from B.C. 79.
Reference:– RSC Papia 1. RRC 384/1. RCTV 311.
Symbol variety – RRC 13. Babelon 13. BMCRR 35. CNR: 1/049.

A "Stannard" weight adjustment scoop on the reverse


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Or worn almost to oblivion

Obv:– Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat skin tied under chin. Behind head, Funnel strainer.
Rev:– Gryphon running right; in ex., L. PAPI.; in field, hydria (two-handled vase).
Minted in Rome from . B.C. 79.
Reference(s) – RSC Papia 1. RRC 384/1. RCTV 311.
Symbol variety – RRC 99. Babelon unlisted. BMCRR 99


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It is what it is...


Mark Antony & Julius Caesar portrait denarius
Bare head of Mark Antony right, bearded, lituus behind

Wreathed head of Caesar right, capis behind

Gaul, November 43 BC

Imperators 123, Crawford 488/2, Sydenham 1166, Cohen 3, BMCRR Gaul 55, 57




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These must be close to worst of type 😄   I still buy some miserable specimens, but I was worse 😄


Moneyer: Q. Caepio Brutus (M. Junius Brutus)
Coin: Silver Denarius
BRVTVS - Head of L. Junius Brutus, the Ancient, right
AHALA - Head of Caius Servilius Ahala right
Mint: Rome (54 BC)
Wt./Size/Axis: 3.36g / 17mm / 6h
  • RSC 30 (Junia)
  • Sydenham 907
  • Crawford 433/2
Acquisition: Numismatik Lanz eBay 22-Oct-2011


In ny defence, this next one cost just £3.14 - couldn't really let it go to someone else for less than that!

Moneyer: L. Livineius Regulus
Coin: Silver Denarius
L. REGVLVS PR - Bare head of praetor L. Livineius Regulus right
REGVLVS F - Curule chair between two fasces
Exergue: PRAEF VR
Mint: Rome (42 BC)
Wt./Size/Axis: 3.34g / 16mm / 1h
  • RSC 8 (Livineia)
  • Sydenham 1113
  • Crawford 494/31
Acquisition: Den Of Antiquity eBay 24-Feb-2014



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