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Sponsors for the new site: Ya gotta spend denarii to make denarii


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It seems like it might be a good idea for @Restitutor's and all of our pocket books if we started leveraging contacts to see what businesses would stand to turn a dime advertising on here. 

If I'm putting the horse ahead of the cart please say so, but this is an absolutely ideal location for places like biddr, sixbids, heck maybe straight to the source and add CNG or heritage to the list to attract new clients as well as show off upcoming pieces. 

I really like how ACsearch/biddr has theirs set up. You see the name of the sponsors and then upcoming pieces in their auctions.

Though, some have mentioned just wanting a small group for this site to keep away the, "What's it worth?" and, "Look what I found in my gramps attic... is it real?" And I'm down for this as well... though, if that's the case we may want to take up @Alegandron's cause and name the joint "Old Crappy Coins " or something to that affect. 

However, if this place is gonna blow up anyway...


Oh, and coins featuring well used Denarii!




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Hey Ryro! Love the suggestion - once the name is settled and the full site design goes live this week, promotion of the forum can begin and this is one area that will become feasible to proceed with. 

My goal is for this forum to become the premier coin discussion site, as well as an aggregate site for all things numismatic like you mentioned for sites like biddr/CNG/Sixbid etc to promote on. 

Just from the explosive growth we’ve seen the last week while still not even having a real website name, I think it’s doable! 

Super excited for the future here 😁

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Some of my old crappy coins...


Samnium Aesernia AE21 263-240 BCE HN Italy 430 Vulcan Left - Biga


Frentani - Larinum AE 18mm Quadrans 210-175 BCE Herakles - Centaur SNG COP 272


RR Q Titius AR Quinarius 90 BCE G Sear 240


RR L Scribonius Libo 62 BCE AR Denarius Puteal Scribonianum Bon Eventus Sear 367 Craw 416-1

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I too am less than enthusiastic about advertising. I visit the site most often on my cellphone and a large number of sites are simply unusable on a cell phone due to intrusive advertisements. CT without the supporter status would have been annoying enough that I would have used it a lot less if I didn’t have an option to get rid of adverts. 

I am more than happy to contribute in a similar way here. My guess is enough regulars would be similarly inclined and we might not NEED to have advertisements. At least in the short term while the site becomes established. 

A well worn denarius:


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22 minutes ago, Alegandron said:

As a “supporter” at CT, I saw no advertising. 

Perhaps a similar arrangement.

+ 1 

Happy to contribute! 

1 hour ago, Ryro said:

Oh, and coins featuring well used Denarii!

Ow yessss! traffic accident denarii time! 😄 


I don't know if the reverse shows horses, unicorns, or sea cucumbers.


I believe this one was set on fire. I truly do. The surfaces are horrible and black, and that silver feel is just not there. Don't care though, I love this coin!


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2 hours ago, Ryro said:

Oh, and coins featuring well used Denarii!

I've been looking for an excuse to post my Fulvia!

L. Mussidius Longus, Moneyer 42 BC.
Roman Republican AR denarius, 3.48 gm, 16.4 mm, 4 h.
Rome, 42 BC.
Obv: Draped bust of Marc Antony's 3rd wife, Fulvia, as Victory, right.
Rev: L·MVSSIDIVS LONGVS, Victory in biga right, holding reins in both hands.
Refs: RRC 494/40; BMCRR 4229; RCV 1517; Sydenham 1095; RSC Mussidia 4; Banti Mussidia 613.

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I was never a paid supporter of RCT,  so I grudgingly accepted the ads as a reasonable tradeoff. (O/t: considering the ads and the number of paid supporters there, I've thought for a long time that the incessant admin whining that RCT owners are subsidizing the site is, quite frankly, a lie.) I absolutely would be an enthusiastic paid supporter here; I'd hope that support would also include a no ads option.

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Donations, subscriptions, ads or sponsorships are some of the ways to monetize a site and/or defray expenses. I agree with @Curtisimoon ads on CT. On the science forum where I'm a co-admin there are periodic donation drives not unlike PBS which cover the server, software, and hosting costs. Three years in on the project and there is still no advertising. In a way it was a similar story - 2nd largest web forum on a topic was reduced to rubble by the admin and the members left to go elsewhere. In that case it was constant service interruptions and downtime because of technology issues. 

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