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Kyzikos Hekte 500-460BC


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Picked up this from Roma Auction.

Mysia/ Kyzikos

EL Hekte (1/6 Stater) ND 500-460BC

Kyzikos Mint

2.62g.     11mm.     .670

obv: Ram standing to left/ on Tunny Fish

rev: Quadripartite Incuse Square

Von Fritze 91   SNG BnF 228  Boston MFA 1468


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@panzerman You've gotta love those coins.

My Avatar:-

(1) 600-550 B.C. MYSIA Kyzikos 

Obv. Tunny Fish right

Rev. Quadripartite Incuse Incuse Swastika

EL6mm., 0.5gm.

Hunter & Leiwald 2.2; a

CNG Electronic Auction 335, Lot 166

(1) 600-550 B.C. MYSIA Kyzikos Hunter & Leiwald 2.2; a.png

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