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Visit to Roman ruins


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Thought I would share with you this site of heritage about 4 hours from my home.  Italica is 20 minutes NW of Sevilla in the region of Andalucia (Hispania Baetica to the Romans) where there are Roman ruins dated to around 200 AD. Discovered were the remains of 5 villas, an amphitheatre about half the size of the colliseum and some wonderfull mosaic flooring beautifully preserved. The town was also the birthplace of Trajan and Hadrian.

We are planning a trip there next Spring









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The mosaics look so new, it’s hard to believe they’re nearly 2000 years old! Absolutely spectacular. Love the owl, he looks especially distinguished 🥰 

The “brioche” pattern in the second to last image reminded me of this mosaic I saw, as it contains that same pattern: 


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@expat, I was not able to visit that part of Spain, but I did stay in Barcelona this July. Our hotel, Catalonia Magdelenes, offered up quite a surprise. During excavation of the site, the remains of a Roman aqueduct were unearthed! The hotel preserved the site, installing a plexiglass floor and case in the lobby so visitors can view the discovery. We absolutely loved our visit to Spain!


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25 minutes ago, antwerpen2306 said:

@expat Spain is very nice to live. I lived about 3 years near to Algeciras  and was making at least 2 times a month the trip to Ceuta for my job. As young man it was a very happy time and I think the way of live changed a lot in 50 years.

@jdmKY thanks for the tip, it ill be for the month of may next year to admire this

I am also in Andalucia, on the other side, Almeria Province

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