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Here is a large copper:




By the way, does anyone know exactly what the mintage was on this issue? Numista lists it at an unlikely 10,769; NGC lists 182,000. That's a big difference!

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Two more Republic of China examples


Year 1916
Obv: 中華民國五年 Republic of China 5 Years
壹分 1 Fen 
unten: 每一百枚當一圓 (one hundred amke a Yuan)
Rev: ornament
Copper, 26.43mm, 6.53g
Ref: KM Y#324



Mandschurian Provinces
Year 18 (1929)
Obv: 中華民國十八年, zhōng huá mín guó shí bā nián (Republic China Year 18)
Waves, 一分 yī fēn (1 Fen)
東三省 dōng sān shěng (three eastern provinces)
Rv: flowers, sun
Value: 1 Fen
Copper ca. 23mm, 5.54g
Ref KM Y#434


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Bhutan 1 Pice Jigme Dorji 1951-1955


1) Wheel of Dharma...This is one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism.A dharma, (basically means"The perfection of the teachings of Buddha") wheel, has three basic parts,the hub, the rim, and the spokes.
The rim represents meditative concentration and mindfulness.
The hub represents moral discipline.
The spokes signify different things, depending on their number: On this coin there are four represented by 4 dots these represent the "Four Noble Truths" The truth of suffering (dukkha), cause of suffering (samudaya), end of suffering (nirhodha), freedom from suffering (magga)

2) Umbrella (parasol) of sovereignty...Basically the form signifies protection, the parasol dome representing wisdom and the hanging skirt, compassion.Symbolically, the protection provided by the parasol is from the heat of suffering, desire, obstacles, illness and harmful forces.

3) Golden fish of good fortune...The fish symbolizes happiness as they have complete freedom of movement in the water and also fertility and abundance.

4) Conch shell...In Buddhism, the conch was adopted as a symbol of religious sovereignty and an emblem which fearlessly proclaimed the truth of the dharma.

5) Lotus flower...Is a symbol of purity, renunciation and divinity.

6) Treasure vase...'the vase of inexhaustible treasures' - however much is removed from it, the vase remains perpetually full.

7) Endless knot (Emblem of endless birth)It symbolizes the Buddha's endless wisdom and compassion.

😎 Victory banner...In Tibetan Buddhism, the banner represents eleven methods of overcoming Mara (the demon who tried to seduce Buddha): the development of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, meditation and ethical vows; taking refuge in the Buddha,; abandoning false views,; generating spiritual aspiration, skilful means and selflessness; and the unity of the three samádhis of emptiness, formlessness and desire-less-ness......

All surrounding the Bhutanese legend in the center DRUK...Reading Bhutan.

1)Bhutanese legend "sa" (earth)
2)Endless knot (Emblem of endless birth)It symbolizes the Buddha's endless wisdom and compassion.
3)Can't find reference for this symbol..Maybe 2 golden fish? Thoughts?
4)Can't find reference for this symbol..Maybe the Bodhi tree? Thoughts?



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I'm using the "Crowns" thread for my British crowns (as well as crown-sized coins from other countries), and my "Modern World Gold" thread for my gold coins from the UK and other countries, but here are a few photos of other denominations of English/British coins, most of which I haven't previously posted in any thread:

England, AE Farthing, Charles II 1675. Obv. Laureate bust left, CAROLVS • A • – CAROLO /  Rev. Britannia seated left holding spray (flowering branch) in upraised right hand, with left hand holding transverse spear and resting on shield, BRITAN – NIA •; in exergue, 1675. 5.69 g.  S. 3394. Purchased June 17, 1999 from CNG [Classical Numismatic Group, Inc., Lancaster, PA/London, England, historicalcoins.com], ex Web Auction # 115832746.*  


*Although I'm not entirely certain, I believe I purchased this farthing from CNG on the indicated date from their old historicalcoins.com website at retail, rather than at the Web Auction cited on the coin ticket that came with the coin. I have no recollection as to the meaning of the nine-digit number for that Web Auction. Nor do I have any memory of what I paid for the coin.

The first issue of this type of farthing in 1672 represented the first depiction of Britannia on any coin since antiquity. I actually have a specimen dated 1672, but it's in considerably lesser condition than this coin, which CNG described as "Near Very Fine." Which may be true of the obverse, but I am not sure that the reverse qualifies.

George II AR Maundy Penny, 1729. Obv. Young laureate and draped bust left / Rev. Date over small crown and figure "1."  12 mm., 0.51 g. S. 3715.


George III AE Cartwheel Twopence 1797, Soho Mint. Obv. Laureate and draped bust right, GEORGIUS III D : G • REX / Rev. Britannia seated left on rock in sea, holding spray (flowering branch) in upraised right hand, with left hand holding transverse trident and resting on shield; ship on horizon to left; BRITANNIA above, date 1797 below (Legends incuse on raised rim). 41 mm., 56.1 g. S. 3776. Purchased from Karl Stephens Inc., March 1986.*


*Note the replacement of Britannia's spear with the more appropriate trident.

Finally for now, since I don't have time to photograph them all individually, my relatively small collection of British halfcrowns, together in their tray. Click on the images and then on the "+" sign to enlarge them. (At least that's how it works on my desktop computer! On my cellphone, it's a lot easier to enlarge images.)



In order, briefly identified:

Charles II AR Halfcrown 1676, S. 3367 (VICESIMO OCTAVO)

James II AR Halfcrown 1686, S. 3408 (SECVNDO)

George I AR Halfcrown 1720, S. 3642

George II AR Halfcrown 1746 (Lima below bust, Edge DECIMO NONO), S. 3695A

George III AR Halfcrown 1819, S. 3789

George IV AR Halfcrown 1826, S. 3809

William IV AR Halfcrown 1834, S. 3834

Victoria AR Halfcrown 1878, S. 3889

Victoria AR Halfcrown 1890, S. 3924

Victoria AR Halfcrown 1900, S. 3938

Edward VII AR Halfcrown 1904, S. 3980

George V AR Halfcrown 1917, S. 4011

George VI AR Halfcrown 1946, S. 4080

Elizabeth II Cupro-Nickel Halfcrown 1960, S. 4145.

It's unlikely that I'll ever be able to afford a George II crown again -- I'm not quite sure why they're so much more expensive than crowns of George I and III; they're not scarce -- and crowns of William IV are unavailable as a practical matter unless one has 20,000 GBP or more to spend on one. So these halfcrowns are the next best thing.

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Commemorative issue

800th Anniversary of Teutonic Order (Deutscher Orden). Struck in Hamburg, proof 450,000 minted in .625 Silver


Eagle above denomination

1990 J

Engraver: Hubert Klinkel


Wrinkled page with Madonna and child pictured, shield upper left


Engraver: Hubert Kinkel


Smooth with inscription that means "It will stay in memory as long as god wishes it to be"




20210815_171456 (2).jpg

20210815_171415 (2).jpg

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Austrian States, Bishopric of Salzburg. Matthaus Lang von Wellenburg, Cardinal-Prince of Salzburg, AD 1519-1540. Uniface AR 2 Pfennig (16mm, 0.64g). Dated 1532. Obv: Trilobate arms with at top a bishop's hat with cross, left the arms of Salzburg, right the arms of the Bishop. Year below. Ref: Zottl 299 (Type 1). 


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I really like this Medieval Hungarian Dinar it depicts Madonna and Child. I believe it's from the 1490s. Never really was able to attribute it even with a book because so many of them look similar. It's a very cool common medieval coin but it has a great design.



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