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A penny for your thoughts....post your favorite copper,brass,specimens


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How about two Ha'pennies...

Hanover. George I, AD 1714-1727. CU Halfpenny. Second issue. Tower (London) mint. Dated AD 1721/0 and 1724. Obv: Laureate and cuirassed bust right. Rev: Britannia seated left on globe, holding branch and scepter; shield at side, plain edge. Ref: Peck 796; SCBC 3660. From the Dr. William E. Triest Collection. 




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One of my favorite coppers I've added to the pile. Not a perfect specimen, but perfect enough for me. Plus, it didn't break the bank. I've never wanted my hobby to bankrupt me.


Though I've neglected them recently - my interests have gone mostly ancient - I still love my small patch of half cents.




And I now have a small batch of Byzantine coppers, but I've probably shared them enough recently.



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I've been photographing a lot of 29 farthings plus 7 farthing fractions (1/2 & 1/3 farthings) that I bought in September 2013...

They were a bargain, at $135 for the lot, and several interesting varieties have shown up - whoever collected them originally had an eye for rarities rather than necesarily their condition.   E.g. a very rare 1851 over 5851 date half farthing and an 1823 farthing with Roman I.   I'm very happy with what I find.

Anyway, here's a George IV farthing with quite a nice portrait which I like.   George was a spendthrift and all-round scoundrel and unpopular as king, but this portrait is nice - more flattering than the earlier one 😄



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