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Hello Numis Forums Community ! I am new here !

The Pontian

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Hello Numismatic community of Numis Forums !! I am a new member of this community and also new member of coin collecting ! ( I have only 1 coin 😭😁

This is my first and last coin coin 😁 :  

Paphlagonia, Amastris. AE29mm, ca 105 - 85 v.Chr. This coin is one the coins of King Mithradates from the city Amastris of Paphlagonia ! 

Thoughts ?



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Nice big coin with even strike.  The Pegasos on Athena's helmet is visible, as are some facial features on Perseus, and the head of Medusa.  Even part of the body of the slain Medusa is visible.

Many of Mithradates’ types seem to illustrate the myth of Perseus. Barclay Head explained the significance of the types: “On these coins the supposed Persian descent of Mithradates is emphasized by the types relating to Perseus.”  Mithradates’ other bronze types include Zeus (who fathered Perseus) and Dionysos (who fought Perseus). Warwick Wroth speculated that the female head in ‘wolf’s skin’ type issued by Mithradates represents Andromeda.  Wroth suggested that the ‘wolf’s skin’, which Mionnet called goat’s skin and James Millingen called griffin’s skin, is the skin of the ketos slain by Perseus.

Mithradates loved poisons and pharmacology. He would have been attracted to Perseus as a hero who brought back poisons and cures from remote lands, and Medusa, whose blood could cure disease and also cause death.

Amastris was named after princess Amastris, a niece of Darius III.  After her second husband Lysimachus abandoned her she founded Amastris.  She came to a bad end, drowned by her sons.

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