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Septimius Severus sestertius, Victory, Struck 193AD early in reign, RIC IV 656

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Septimius Severus sestertius, Victory, Struck 193AD early in reign, RIC IV 656

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Septimius Severus, Ruled 193-211 AD
AE Sestertius, Struck 193 AD, Rome mint
Obverse: IMP CAES L SEPT SEV PERT AVG, laureate head right.
Reverse: VICT AVG TR P COS, Victory, winged, draped, advancing left, holding wreath in extended right hand and palm sloped over left shoulder in left hand; S-C across fields.
References: RIC IV 656
Size: 30mm, 21.2g

History: Septimius Severus was born in 146 in Leptis Magna in Africa (Libya). After a brilliant military career under the reigns of Marcus Aurelius and Commodus, he was consul suffect in 185. At the time of Pertinax’s death (March 28, 193), he was governor of Upper Pannonia. Acclaimed emperor on April 13, 193, he quickly eliminated his compatriot, Didius Julianus (June 28), and associated power with Clodius Albinus as Caesar before fighting Pescennius Niger in the East after he was claimed emperor by legions in Syria. In 194, he defeats Niger executed and leads a brilliant campaign in Arabia.

In 196, he “fictitiously” enters the Antonine family by being adopted posthumously, and applies the Antonine names to his son and claims him Caesar in replace of Albinus. In 197, he gets rid himself of Albinus, the last of his opponents, who had proclaimed himself Augustus. Severus prepares the establishment of his dynasty by giving in 194 the title of Augusta to Julia Domna, his wife, Caesar to Caracalla in 196, then Augustus (co-Emperor) in 198 when Geta, his second son, becomes Caesar. Severus will spend fifteen years consolidating the borders of the empire by winning many victories over the Parthians (197-198), then in Africa (207), finally in Britain (208-211) where he died.


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