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Augustus denarius

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Augustus denarius

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Augustus, Ruled 27 BC-14 AD
AR Denarius, Lugdunum Mint, Struck 2 BC-4 AD
Obverse: CAESAR AV[GVS]TVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE Laureate head of Augustus to right.
Reverse: AVGV[STI F C]OS [DESIG PRINC IVVENT] / [C] L CAESARES•, Gaius and Lucius Caesar standing, each, togate, resting hand on shield and spear, simpulum, left, and lituus, right, flanking, right and left respectively
References: RIC 210, RSC 43c
Size: 19.5mm, 3.6g
Ex: Pliego, 43rd Online Auction (March 26, 2019), Lot #81

Notes: Caius Caesar, born in 20 B.C. and Lucius Caesar, born in 17 B.C., were the sons of Agrippa and Julia, and the grandsons of Augustus. Augustus adopted them and designated them as his successors. As boy’s, they were declared consul elect, princeps juventutis, honored with priesthoods, and admitted to the senate. In 1 A.D. Caius was consul and was sent to Armenia, where he showed talent for both civil government and military enterprise. In 2 A.D., rather than invade, Gaius met with King Phraates V and concluded peace with the Parthians, who recognized Roman claims to Armenia. The brothers seemed destined for greatness. But Lucius, the younger of the two, died suddenly at Marseilles on 20 August 2 A.D. And, on his return from Armenia, Caius was treacherously wounded by a local Roman magistrate, fell into a lingering illness, and on 21 February 4 A.D., at the early age of 24, died at Limyra in Lycia. Augustus’ wife, their step-mother, Livia, was rumored to have arranged both of their deaths to advance her son Tiberius, who was later adopted as Augustus’ son and heir.



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