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Arcadius AE 4, with this kind of Christogram --but it has to be from Alexandria

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Arcadius AE 4, with this kind of Christogram --but it has to be from Alexandria

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Corresponing to RIC IX (Alexandria), 20c/23b, or Sear 4134 <--except, Alexandria.

http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/ric/arcadius/_alexandria_RIC_020c.jpgImage 1 - Ancient Roman Imperial Coin Arcadius AD 388-392 AE4 Alexandria Victory Captive

At the moment, these are the two best examples I can find online.  But as a kid, I used to have one of these.  Yep, specifically from Alexandria.  That many decades ago, before I could appreciate all of the connotations.

I get it that this issue was struck in several eastern mints.  It's not about the numismatic equivalent of 'authhorial intent.'  

But in Alexandria, the Coptic church had already appropriated a variation of the Ankh as its own, effectively unique variant of the cross.  (...Which are thick on the ground, in other Orthodox traditions.) 



It's hard to imagine that the similarity of that, to the variant of the Christogram on this coin, would have been lost on the Coptic community, as the issue circulated in real time.

Regarding the coin, ideally, I'd like one with as rounded of a "Rho' as possible --Thank you, nearer the Coptic cross-- and in as good a state of preservation (for legends, etc.) as I was up to.  ...What is that, you may ask.  Well, if you've gotten this far, you're owed this measure of condor.  I wouldn't blink at $100.  Or negotiably more, for an example even comparable to the one I had as a kid.

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